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CryptoFuse, Inc. 
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CryptoFuse, Inc.
Based in Orange County, California, CryptoFuse, Inc. is a hardware company that has completely reinvented the way that crypto is exchanged.  Founder and Inventor Andrew Couch realized the biggest problem with blockchain-based cryptocurrency is the limitations of accessing and moving blocks, aka funds.  A strong military background in location-based products such as Blue Force Tracker *FBCB2 helped Andrew to write an entirely new Online / Offline Protocol that is not restricted by blockchain and the Bitcoin model and increases the entire available market by 50%.
CryptoFuse’s new ByteBlock protocol creates a secure and efficient way to transfer currency, Smart Contracts, and Supply Line Data OFFLINE as part of an online connected public ledger.  This solves a critical issue for globally scaled corporations and large government organizations that are unable to rely on consistent high-speed internet connections to conduct business.  
CryptoFuse offers three patent pending hardware devices, an enterprise-level exchange for a potential universe of Altcoin entrepreneurs (ByteBase), and a ready-for-market proprietary coin: CryptoByte (CBT).  The device, the exchange, and the coin work together to form a best-of-class solution for enterprise-level organizations and international users.